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Human Trafficking Awareness Day - Feb. 22, 2022 @7PM

Our Goal is to Raise Awareness

Our goal is to raise awareness of the problem and educate our youth and parents/caregivers/community members so that they can identify the red flags. Some questions we would like to cover:

  1. What does Human Trafficking look like in Canada?

  2. What are the stages of exploitation?

  3. My partner has been asking me to get involved in something I am uncomfortable with, what should I do?

  4. As a parent/caregiver/community member, what are the signs/behaviours I should look out for in youth?

  5. I think someone I know is being trafficked, how do I approach this?

What Would You Like to Know?

We are inviting people to ask questions during the live conversation we are hosting on Tuesday, February 22nd. We are encouraging questions to be sent via Instagram direct messages that will be completely anonymous. Head to @vsdurhamregion's stories to submit yours!

If you have questions you are curious about and would prefer to remain anonymous, feel free to send us a direct message and we will include your questions anonymously in the Instagram Live session.

Join the Instagram Live conversation by visiting our Instagram page @vsdurhamregion or @oncanadaproject at 7:00pm EST on Tuesday, February 22nd.

To get a reminder for the event, click the Blue "Find Out More - Click here" button below and click "Get Reminder" in the link.

The conversation will be held on both accounts and will be recorded afterwards for those who cannot attend to watch live.

Click on the hyperlinks to visit @vsdurhamregion and @oncanadaproject for more information.

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