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  • That in many communities in our City, people are generally afraid to go outside

  • That some residents have experienced stray bullets shatter their windows and fly through their homes

  • That one mother prepares dinner early, and insists that her family is upstairs by 7 pm, just in case a stray bullet penetrates their home

  • That another mother will not allow her boys to wear their hoodies up when they walk outside, because she thinks that if they know who her children are, they may not shoot them

  • That community members want to help but they are afraid to speak out

  • That in some communities, gang violence has become normalized

  • That these communities are not underserved, they are poorly served

  • That the loudest voices of the “defund the police” narrative and those that protest for lives that matter, are not the voices of the people that actually live in these communities

  • That most community members appreciate the police and that they wish that police could be in their communities more

  • And most importantly … that these communities are full of strong and amazing people, that are true advocates for the neighbourhood, that have the ability to be leaders, and who have a passion and desire to help us create a safe and secure environment for everyone

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