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Detective Constable Shawn Geris is a seasoned veteran with two decades of dedicated service to the Toronto Police. Armed with a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Guelph, he wields both practical experience and a deep theoretical understanding, providing him with a unique insight into the pressing community issues surrounding gun and gang violence.
Shawn's journey within the Toronto Police Service is a remarkable tapestry of roles, each contributing to his wealth of knowledge. He's been the dependable presence in the Primary Response Unit, a sharp investigator in the Criminal Investigative Bureau, a community champion in the Community Response Unit, a guardian on the Toronto Police Transit Unit, a neighborhood advocate in the Neighbourhood Officer Unit, and an expert in firearms and the use of force through his tenure at the Toronto Police College. Presently, he's an integral part of the Integrated Gang Prevention Task Force, tackling the toughest challenges head-on. 
Before donning the Toronto Police uniform, Shawn honed his skills as a Correctional Officer, spending three years at both the Elgin Middlesex Detention Centre and the Genest Detention Centre for Youth, where he worked with adult and young offenders, shaping his profound commitment to community safety.
Beyond his professional endeavors, Shawn has dedicated over two decades of his life to volunteering, assuming various roles and positions within the community. His passion for community initiatives knows no bounds, both on and off duty. In his time at 31 Division, he initiated an amateur wrestling program at Westview Centennial Secondary School.


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Detective Constable Martin Douglas, a dedicated member of the Toronto Police Service Integrated Gang Prevention Task Force. With unwavering conviction, he champions Toronto as the ultimate city on the global stage, and he wears his badge with honor as he shields and safeguards its vibrant citizens.
But Martin's perspective transcends the badge; he understands the intricate tapestry of policing and holds firm to the principles of accountability. His journey through the ranks has been a dynamic one, enriched by diverse experiences in various units. He once served as a vigilant School Resource Officer at 43 Division, then delved into the intricate world of the Crime Stoppers Unit. A stint with the TPS's C.A.R.E. Unit solidified his commitment to community partnerships. Today, he stands resolute, fighting for a safer Toronto as a vital member of the Integrated Gang Prevention Task Force.


    Detective Constable Vijay De Guerra, a dedicated guardian of Toronto's streets since 2010. Over the years, Vijay has journeyed through the dynamic landscapes of law enforcement, weaving his expertise into the very fabric of the city.
    His career has been a thrilling odyssey, with stops at the Primary Response Unit, the Community Response Unit - Traffic, the Criminal Investigative Bureau, and the formidable Major Crime Unit. Each chapter added to his arsenal of skills and sharpened his resolve to protect and serve.
    But now, Vijay's passion finds its fullest expression as a Detective Constable in the Integrated Gang Prevention Task Force. Here, he joins a relentless mission to stem the tide of gang violence and recruitment. It's a holistic endeavour, combining education, prevention, intervention, and suppression, all orchestrated in harmony with community agencies.
    In a world where the line between order and chaos is often razor-thin, Vijay De Guerra stands as a steadfast sentinel, committed to making Toronto safer, one day at a time.

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