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Anti-Human Trafficking Conference 2022

Together with our partners, we invite our community to participate in the virtual 2022 Anti-Human Trafficking Conference.

Day 1: October 19, 2022

Topics will include:

Introduction to Human Trafficking

The Connection between Homelessness & Human Trafficking

Youth in Care & Human Trafficking

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Day 2: October 20, 2022

Topics will include:

Adverse/Non-Adverse Childhood Experiences that put Children at Risk

Prevention Skills

Intersectionality of Colonization & Human Trafficking

Criminal Justice System & Human Trafficking

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Day 3: October 26, 2022

Topics will include:

Human Trafficking in York Region

Where I’m Headed (Interactive Postcard Making Activity)

Human Trafficking (Interactive Presentation)

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Day 4: October 27, 2022

Topics will include:

A Survivor’s Story

Get to Know the Agencies

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