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PocketWell by Wellness Together Canada

Wellness Together Canada (WTC) is a mental health and substance use website funded by the Government of Canada. Our aim is to support people across Canada and Canadians living abroad, in both official languages. With the WTC companion app PocketWell, you'll be able to use research-based tools to measure and track your well-being, including a self-assessment developed by psychologists.

From the app, you'll also be able to connect with trained counsellors & crisis responders who can talk to you about what you're going through and help you through intense situations. Send a text message or call one of WTC's phone counselling lines any time of day or night to get support, available anywhere within Canada.


- Support for all age groups: PocketWell provides resources for kids, teens, and young adults as well as adults over 18.

- Always free: All of the resources on the PocketWell app and the WTC website are completely free—you will never have to pay to use any of them.

- Access our resource library: Use your WTC account to access a wider collection of resource and tools on our website, including expert-reviewed articles, self-guided exercises, online Peer Support groups, and more.

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